Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

What we are doing at Propel

To our valued customers, vendors and funders

 The Global & National challenge of Covid-19 is well known.  Whilst the impact of this virus on our health, economy and overall way of life in the short term is unknown, here at Propel we want to provide our key stakeholders with as much certainty as we can at this time.

We are committed to supporting all the stakeholders of Propel, including employees, regulators, shareholders and of course our valued customers. To enable a continuous operation of our service, we have immediately enabled employees to work from home with full access to our technology.  We recognize that the situation is developing rapidly for everyone and as such, we will communicate with you regularly to ensure we are aligned with further important updates.

Our teams will continue to work remotely until further notice.  This will mean that we will not be conducting meetings both externally and internally on a face-to-face basis except in exceptional circumstances until further notice.  Meetings will instead be held via conference/video call.

We had a robust Business Continuity Plan in place before the current outbreak and we have implemented our emergency measures which includes daily meetings with key internal leaders to discuss events as they unfold and to enable us to adapt our plans as necessary.  The team are doing a brilliant job and our focus is, and will remain, on protecting and supporting our employees and customers in the best possible way we can whilst adhering to public health advice on how to control the spread of the Coronavirus.

Finally, I want to assure you we are committed to trading during this period and continue to offer the best possible customer service and support to all our stakeholders.  If you are concerned and need to speak to us please call your normal contact within Propel or ring us on 01633 982960  or email us on and we will do our utmost to assist.

Thanks for your messages of support and stay safe.

Mark Catton
CEO Propel