Gritblasting UK

Gritblasting UK has reached new heights with support from Propel.


Gritblasting UK is a blast cleaning specialist providing additional spray painting and powder coating services for clients looking to complete relevant, commercial, industrial, construction or domestic renovation projects.

When the opportunity to break into a new area of business – namely wind turbines – arose, company director Kierien Barnes decided to invest in specialist equipment to help Gritblasting UK stay ahead of the competition, explaining ”I could never have foreseen how diverse the business would become when we first started out, with work coming from both a wider remit of customers in recent years, the need to invest became inevitable”.


Gritblasting UK has established itself as the leading surface preparation company, using a range of equipment to remove old surface paints and contaminants and prepare a wide range of surfaces for recoating. The company has gone from serving Wiltshire alone to servicing clients the length and breadth of the country.

A £136k funding boost from Propel helped the firm purchase a new generator, mobile compressor, a Mercedes Sprinter van and other equipment to complete additional work arising as a result of its ever growing business.


Kieiren added, “Keeping our operational and transport equipment up to date is a must for us now as we strive to keep up not only with competitors, but in terms of our success too. With knowledge of applying for business finance of any kind, dealing with Propel to meet those needs has been a very straight-forward, stress-free process – the outcome was exactly what we were looking for, and the service as a whole has been honest and professional from start to finish.

Matt Jones, head of Asset Finance at Propel, says, “The team here at Propel are well experienced when it comes to supporting business growth, regardless of where that business growth might come with regards to a company’s overall lifespan. We know all too well that staying ahead of the game is just as important, if not more so, than getting to the major leagues in the first place, and are delighted to have supported Gritblasting UK in achieving exactly that.”

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