Today’s manufacturers are facing a range of issues, such as the ever rising cost of materials, the continuing need to always improve productivity, trading fluctuations and the reshoring of production. Add continuous requirements for skilled labour and the pressure to drive future competitiveness by adopting the new ‘smart factory’ technologies associated with Industry 4.0, such as the Internet of Things and artificially intelligent automation and it is clear that manufacturers must embrace innovation in order to thrive.

If building infrastructure and capacity are critical, then so is the availability of competitiveness finance.

As an independent finance specialist with significant experience in working with manufacturing and precision engineering companies, Propel is ideally positioned to help you move your business forward with your new equipment requirements. And our sale and lease back plans also enable you to unlock reserves of working capital from your existing plant and machinery assets.

At Propel we have experience across the entire spectrum of manufacturing, including food and drink, clothing, textiles, electrical goods, toys, signage and aerospace to mention just a few.

The benefits of working with Propel are significant:

  • Immediate access to equipment to drive productivity and growth
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible terms / deposits
  • Experienced team with industry knowledge
  • Flexibility in financing older equipment / assets due to our inhouse lending line
  • Refinance of equipment and assets on finance with other lenders
  • Funding for all types of machinery and equipment

Looking to drive your productivity and growth?

01633 415222 or email

  • Equipment we finance includes:

    • Food processing equipment
    • Machine tools
    • Mechanical presses
    • Plastics injection moulding
    • 3D printing
    • Fabrication systems
    • Punching machines
    • Robotics systems
    • Textile equipment
    • Vertical machining centres
    • Software & hardware
    • And much more


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